Patons Kroy Socks FX

I’ve been using quite a bit of this Patons Kroy Superwash wool yarn for socks lately. The pros with this yarn is that it comes in some great colors and it makes for a nice thick fluffy sock. The cons are that two 50 gram skeins are just barely enough for one pair of socks. By experience, I knew not to do as many leg rows with this yarn. This pair is for my neighbor. We have thee best neighbors ever btw!! I thought these would cheer her up … 🙂


on the 54/27 needle combo

tension set at just above the half mark
1×1 rib = 20 rows
change out ribber needles to 1×3 ribbing
1×3 rib = 40 rows
change out remaining ribber needles to full stockinette knitting
tighten tension 2 full turns over two full knitted rounds *** (one turn up would have been plenty with this yarn! live n learn)
ankle = 20 rows
foot 54 rows

this gave me a gauge of 9 rows = 1” inch – What I should not have done was, turned the tension dial 2 full turns with this yarn. 8 rows to the inch would have been much better! Because of the thickness of the yarn it made it a nice firm fabric, but sometimes too firm is too firm. 😦

these are the same socks … just different photos. hmmm? I don’t know if it’s my camera or what? Looks like the flash came on in the first pic but not the second? Or maybe it’s the background? The true colors stand out more in the first photo with the wood background. I’m not fond of green as I’ve stated before, but I think this color combo with the blues and turquoise tones came out lovely.


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